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Song Savvy 
Vocal Instruction Program
Song Savvy
- 60 minutes of video instruction on DVD
- 2 CD's of beginner and advanced voice 
- 44 page illustrated manual
- 28 day practice guide

Have you been thinking about taking Singing Lessons? Or Voice Lessons to improve your Public Speaking? Now you can learn at home with Song Savvy - far and away the most complete vocal instruction program on the market!

If you're serious about improving your vocal ability, weekly voice lessons can be expensive and inconvenient - and during these voice lessons the instructors tend to only give you a little bit of information at a time. And when it comes to singing lessons many people are shy, and are not willing or capable of producing their best quality tones in front of a stranger. And perhaps you know someone who would like singing lessons as a gift? Now you can have it all complete on video DVD, with the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Program!
If you're already a professional, or if you've never had voice lessons in your life - you have come to the right place! 

Song Savvy is a comprehensive, all in one vocal instruction program that includes video on DVD designed to turn beginners into skilled vocalists, and skilled vocalists into spectacular virtuosos!

Included are: An easy to follow, interactive step by step video on DVD, two CD's of voice exercises for practicing your new techniques, and a 44 page manual full of helpful diagrams, tips, tongue twisters, musical dictionaries, and much much more!

Singing lessons can cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars over time. Now, for one low price, you can posses all of the secrets and knowledge you desire in the comfort and convenience of your own home! All the voice lessons you will ever need, and every public speaking tip will be there for you right away, whenever you need it! Plus a lot more!

If you've ever dreamed of being able to sing, or if your career depends upon your voice - you can't afford not to have the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Program with Video on DVD enrich your life!

With the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Program:

- If your breathing muscles are weak, you will learn to strengthen them.
- If your range is limited, you will learn how to increase it.
- If your voice is meek and breathy, you will learn to make it resonate.
- If you have no control over your voice, you will learn to harness and structure it.
- If you thought your dreams were unattainable, think again.

WELCOME TO: Song Savvy
"Knowledge is Power."
Voice Lessons Practice Tip of the Week; June 17, 2024:  
Do plan a specific time to practice each day. Students who practice at the same time each day usually make better progress than those who wait several days before a practice session. Music practice easily becomes a low priority item placed at the end of a busy day of school, homework and extracurricular activities. The student is then too tired to concentrate. When practice time becomes a structured routine, it can be perceived as a relaxation or fun time to be looked forward to.