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Violin & Fiddle
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Rent or own your new string instrument from us at our discounted student rate. Supplies (strings, rosin, shoulder rests) are readily available.

For students of all ages and levels.

Learn to play violin with STYLE...

Explore your potential for creativity, knowledge, discipline, focus, tenacity, passion and enjoyment in developing your violin skills.

The A Sharp School of Music Strings Department aims to deliver the finest violin and fiddle lessons in the GTA by presenting repertoire and technique in new and exciting directions. Instruction is offered for both children and adults. Students can choose from either Traditional or Suzuki methods.

Violin Lessons:  From the first day of lessons an emphasis is placed on core fundamentals. Students continue through the violin curriculum learning significant repertoire, all the while addressing the fundamentals necessary for all levels of performance.

Our university educated instructors are well versed in both the Suzuki and traditional methods, as well as traditional fiddle playing.

Fiddle Lessons:  Specializing in the teaching of traditional old-time music to students of all ages in a fun & friendly atmosphere. We offer private and group instruction in authentic Gaelic style, western swing, and country fiddling for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. Whether you are starting from scratch, or are an experienced player looking to improve your skills, A Sharp’s Fiddle Departement can help you discover the fun of playing music!

Thinking about Folk, Celtic, or Bluegrass music?  Please also visit our Mandolin, Banjo and Ukulele Lessons page.

Violin & Fiddle Lessons Practice Tip of the Week: November 19, 2018:  
Practicing at home with your eyes closed allows you to turn off one of your senses, thus, increasing your awareness of touch and sound. This will help with physical memory as well as make you listen more carefully.

YES, We have regular recitals and concert opportunities!

Please enjoy this video of Anne Akiko Meyers playing "Air on a G String" by Bach on a Stradivarius violin dated 1697:
violin and fiddle lessons
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What's the difference?
There are no real distinctions between violins and fiddles, but some say it is the style of music they play. It is not common for a classically trained violinist to play folk music, but today, there are many fiddlers with classical training. -Wikipedia