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 A Sharp School of Music
The Royal York Plaza
1500 Royal York Road
Etobicoke, Ontario M9P 3B6
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A Sharp
Student Testimonials

"I like learning music because playing piano is fun.  
I like to play the piano for my friends because 
we like to dance to music."
~ Kimberly Tam, age 6

"Music has become a very significant and joyous part
of my life! Not only does it entertain and give me great
satisfaction, but it also forces my brain to work at its 
greatest capacity artistically, and moreover in everyday
life. If one does not have the right environment and
guidance, he/she will not fully discover and appreciate
the true power of music. That is what A Sharp School
of Music has done for me these five years with its 
welcoming environment and passionate, talented 
teachers. It has become a second home to me and I 
walk out of every lesson with unsurmountable pleasure
and fulfillment!"
~ Mirsa Duka, E.S.A. student, age 16
"I enjoy playing the guitar and piano because I really like music. I love playing for my family and friends, and it’s really cool, too."
~ Matthew Perfetti, age 11
"I love to take vocal lessons at “A Sharp” because 
it allows me to explore the full potential of my voice. 
It also challenges my limits and gives me a chance 
to participate in competitions, which opens up 
opportunities for me. - But I want to do more than
sing! Starting this September I am planning to take 
guitar lessons so I may extend the reach of my talents
and hopefully have a strong chance at pursuing a 
career as a musical performer."
~ Niki Tassioulis, age 14
"A Sharp School of Music has taught me how to sing the 
loudest I can! It ‘s lots of fun and I learned that I can sing 
any song with lots of practice and to just stick with it. My
teacher is great."
 ~ Alessia Rizzello, age 8
"I began at A Sharp School of Music to help improve my singing. After several months I decided to take piano. I’m fortunate that I have one instructor who is good at both. With only a few months on piano I have learned more than I would have on my own. I am very pleased with the course. They have a good training program for the young and the old."
~ Raden Arkley, age 67
"Why Do I Take Music?
-for fun and enjoyment
-develop self confidence
-improve mental and physical health
-relieve stress in life
-learn and discover abilities 
-improve language skills
-contribute and participate in community programs
-learn something new, other than our daily works and 
~ Yolanda Simbulan, grandmother
"I started taking music lessons at A Sharp School of 
Music in June 2007. The music instructor teaches
both voice and piano. She always makes my lessons
fun. Since I started my lessons, my singing has really
improved. A Sharp is and has been a wonderful ex-
perience for me."
~ Jessica Arkely, age 21
"I like playing guitar because I love music and guitar is
an awesome instrument. When I hear a guitar in a song
or when I’m playing the guitar it sounds really cool -
especially when it’s an electric guitar." 
~ Tito Fernandez, age 12
​"From my first guitar lesson I felt my teacher listened and understood what I wanted to achieve as a musician..and needless to say I've since improved HEAPS!"
~ Micheline Ferreira, age 30
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