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Live Online Music 
For All Ages
Enjoy the convenience of online music lessons!  Great for...

- If you want to learn to play music with a live instructor in the comfort of your own home...
- If you enjoy saving time & money...
- If you aren't located convenient to our lovely music school in Toronto, Canada...
- If you are a high powered music student on the GO! ...
- If Mother Nature just dropped three feet of snow on your car and you don't want to shovel it - or a desert sand storm is raging outside - whichever applies - online lessons are global :)
Mission Statement:
To provide the highest quality professional online music lessons for students of all ages, levels, and styles.

~ Brand New Beginners Welcome! ~
A Safe and Fun Environment
~ Established 1998 ~
Frequently Asked Questions...

Q:  Where are the teachers located?
A:  All A Sharp online lessons take place in a professionally equipped studio at our established music school in Toronto, Canada.  All lessons are scheduled by the school, through the school by calling 416-614-7529 or Toll Free: 1-844-274-2771 

Q:  What instruments are you able to offer online?
A:  Everything we teach at A Sharp School of Music, we also teach online!  Piano, Keyboard, Voice/Singing/Public Speaking, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Violin, Fiddle, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Flute, and Theory Lessons are all available to you in the comfort of your own home via Skype.

Q:  What are the instructor's qualifications?
A:  All of A Sharp's wonderful instructors have either a university or college diploma, as well as years of teaching experience.  In addition, at A Sharp we employ only good natured, patient instructors who love to teach :)  Yes - we all have advanced knowledge of music theory!

Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  Please visit our Tuition Fees page, there you will find all our fees and policies, as well as information about gift certificates and Canadian income tax credits.  And try a Free Introductory Lesson why not?

Q:  How does this "Skype" thinga-ma-jiggy work?  I've never used it before.
A:  Becoming a Skype user really is simple and easy - like creating an email account - and it's Free! 
Click here to view some short and simple How-To-Use-Skype videos.
Once you're set up, you can try a test Skype video call with our friendly desk staff to check it out :)  Add the contact name ASharpdesk and press "make video call".  For live help, telephone us toll free: 1-844-274-2771

Q:  What about Internet Security?
A:  Our computers and Internet connection are doubly protected by A)  Webroot Secure Anywhere - the anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware software recommended by the security advisor for the top 4 Forbes 500 companies, and by B)  NetNanny - the world's #1 Internet filtering software.

Q:  Why can't I schedule Internet lessons over the Internet?
A:  All scheduling at A Sharp is done live over the telephone for the following reason:  Our teacher's schedules are perpetually changing as new clients book new lessons and existing clients move themselves around.  If you were to email us "What times do you have on Saturday?" by the time we've emailed you back three options and received your response, we've given away said time slot to someone else.  When you call or Skype us, we'll book a convenient time for you immediately and you can relax and look forward to it :)

Q:  Do I need to buy or download any software besides Skype?
A:  No, at A Sharp we use a great music lesson software program called "MusicReader".  We can share with you what is on our computer screen using Skype, and we use a Wacom tablet & stylus pen to create annotations and notes.  To see what your learning material may look like, click here

Q:  Where do I obtain sheet music and books to use in my lessons?
A:  We have an Educators License and Subscription at a reputable music site called  We can download and share music specially tailored for you - legally!  Advertisement free, and virus free!  In addition, once you become a registered student you will have a password and will gain access to all of the site's resources - sheet music of all levels and styles, technique exercises, chord charts, play along tracks, metronome, interactive tuners, riffs - and more!  You can also mail order hard copies from our extensive library of music books, sheet music, work books, and exam papers.

- Click to see an example of download-able children's Guitar music for Old MacDonald 
- or a Guitar chord chart for Metallica's Nothing Else Matters  
- or Beethoven's Fur Elise for Piano
- or Shubert's Ave Maria for Piano & Flute
- or A Major and D Major Scales for Violin

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The image below is what your learning material may look like.  The larger image is what we're working with, the smaller image in the corner is our perspective of what the student sees at home. 
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Call us to book a Free Introductory Lesson:

Toll Free: 1-844-274-2771

Local to Toronto:  416-614-7529

What You Need:

1.  A Computer with an Internet Connection
2.  A Webcam, Microphone & Speakers
3.  An Account With - it's Free!
4.  An Instrument to Play or Your Singing Voice
Live Online Skype Lessons Practice Tip of the Week:  July 1, 2024:  
While you were practicing the hard parts of your music, you may have become tense or frustrated, or forgotten to sing or play musically or with good tone quality or technique. End your practice time by playing or singing something you like that is easy for you. Relax and "perform" it for yourself, playing with your very best technique and musicianship. During this part of your practices, develop a "repertoire" of music that you feel very comfortable and confident playing or singing. Then you'll always have something ready if people ask for a performance. 
Yes!  Proudly providing 
online music lessons since 2014.
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