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Children's Voice/Vocal/Singing Lessons
Children's Voice Lessons
Call now to book a free introductory children's voice lesson 416-614-SING (7464)

In addition to learning all the essential exercises and techniques in a way that's fun, kids get to perfect and perform all of their favourite songs!

In a voice lesson we learn:
a) Proper breathing and use of the diaphragm muscles
b) How to use the vocal cords correctly
c) How to create quality of tone by resonating the voice
d) Proper facial expressions for the different vowel sounds
e) Proper placement of the sound (for bass, treble, chest and nasal tones)
f) How to safely and effectively increase range
g) How to project the voice using a visualization technique
h) Proper use of dynamics (varying the volume level for colour and expression)
i) Proper microphone technique
j) Sight reading, ear training, and harmony are available but not required - Sight reading, (solfeggio) can be useful in a career involving musical theatre or studio session work.

At A Sharp all of our esteemed voice teachers read music fluently and also teach Piano Lessons.

Children's Voice Lessons Practice Tip of the Week: January 14, 2019
Practicing at home with your eyes closed allows you to turn off one of your senses, thus, increasing your awareness of touch and sound. This will help with physical memory as well as make you listen more carefully.

Please enjoy these videos (below) featuring performances at A Sharp's annual Spring Gala events!
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