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Rock Band S'Cool
Rock Band S'Cool
Rock Band S'Cool classes are held on Sunday mornings and afternoons.

Call now to join in for a free introductory lesson 416-614-PLAY (7529)

Play your favorite rock tunes with your peers under the guided instruction of our experienced faculty!

To participate, students must have a solid foundation of playing or singing fundamentals, which typically translates into one year minimum of lessons. 

Positions Available:

Bass Guitar

Instrumentalists can also sing lead/back-up vocals if they would like. A note should be made at the time of registration if a student would like to sing in addition to playing their instrument. 

Why Choose Rock Band at A Sharp School of Music?

  1. We provide a safe, clean rehearsal space

  2. We provide the equipment: amps, microphones, drum kit, & keyboards. (Guitarists & bassists provide their own instruments).

  3. Our twice yearly recitals and our Student Appreciation Day feature Rock Band performances so students can have real performance experience in front of their family and friends.

  4. All of our Rock Band instructors have a college degree in music. Many other Rock Band programs do not require a college degree from their teachers. Our instructors also have many years of teaching experience, and they continue to perform regularly as professional musicians.

  5. Students gain valuable musical experience and skills from our program including enhanced musicality, stage presence & performance skills, band dynamics, and overall musicianship.

  6. Unlike other schools, we require each student to have a minimum of one year experience on his/her instrument so everyone in the band can focus on making real music right away.

  7. If you take lessons elsewhere, you don’t have to enroll in private lessons at our school unless you want to. Other places require students to enroll in private lessons at their school if they want to participate in Rock Band.

  8. More value for your time and money. Unlike other schools, students in our program don’t have idle time or lengthy 3 hour rehearsals, where they wait for their turn to play on just one or two songs. Students in our program are actively involved during each rehearsal, so their time (and your money) is respected and valued.

Please enjoy this video featuring a Rock Band S'Cool performance at our annual Spring Gala:ing a Rock Band S'Cool performance at our annual Spring Gala:

Rock Band S'Cool Practice Tip of the Week: September 18, 2023:  
Your teacher will advise you how long your individual practice times should be depending upon your level and age. Practicing often is more productive than having few lengthy practices. Try to make sure you practice later on the same day as your lesson, that way you can reinforce the new things you've learned before they slip your mind.

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