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Flute & Piccolo 
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Some students are visual learners and some are auditory learners. A Sharp’s flute and piccolo lessons have the aptitude to custom tailor your flute lessons to best fit your abilities. Best of all, you will learn how to play flute or piccolo while learning your favourite songs. This will make your flute journey a fun journey :)

For the beginner Flute student:
Trevor Wye’s beginner’s book for the flute is an excellent tutor book for students of all ages. The general approach of this series is enjoyment of flute playing and music making in the broadest sense. All keys are used to provide familiarity which in turn results in easier access to orchestras and ensembles. The low register is explored as the foundation to a good tone throughout the compass of the flute.  Many of the pieces contained can be played as solo, duets, solo with piano, or duet with piano.M

For the more serious Flute student:  Trevor Wye's famous practice books for the flute are invaluable to players of every grade, and have received world wide acclaim. This omnibus edition contains practice books 1-5, which includes Tone; Technique; Articulation; Intonation and Vibrato; Breathing and Scales. Each book concentrates on individual areas of flute technique in concise detail. Together, the series forms a complete reference to the technical difficulties of the instrument and how to practice.​

Flute & Piccolo Lessons Practice Tip of the Week September 16, 2019
Your teacher will advise you how long your individual practice times should be depending upon your level and age. Practicing often is more productive than having few lengthy practices. Try to make sure you practice later on the same day as your lesson, that way you can reinforce the new things you've learned before they slip your mind.

Flute & Piccolo Lessons
Whether you are just starting out for the first time or honing old skills, A Sharp’s Flute and Piccolo department is patient, professional, fun, friendly and reliable. In a flute or piccolo lesson you will learn how to read and write music, or just quickly learn to play your favourite songs.
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