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Q: Is it true that anybody can learn to sing?

A: Yes. "Natural talent" is an illusion that only persons who have practiced a lot will ever possess. Most beginners come to me claiming to be tone deaf, but in my twenty-two years of teaching I've only met one who really was - and we fixed that.

Q: What age range must you be in to use the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Program?

A: Students as young as seven years old have benefitted immensely from this program, and even younger when their attention span allows! Seniors, adults, and kids of any age can reap the physical, psychological and emotional benifits that the joy of singing will bring to their lives.

Q: How long will it take before I'm good?

A: I can guarantee that with the use of the Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Program your singing and speaking skill will improve immediately - just due to the knowledge you will have that you did not have before. Your progress from there will be directly related to how often you practice the techniques described in this program, and for how long.

Q: I'm a professional singer/speaker and I keep losing my voice. Will this program help me?

A: Absolutely. In this program, you will learn all about the delicate vocal cords - what they look like, how they work, what is happening to them when you damage your voice, and how to prevent this injury from occurring in the first place.

Q: Will learning to sing improve my confidence overall?

A: Yes. Singers are social butterflies. As your vocal ability improves with this program, you will find yourself becoming more comfortable expressing yourself and your thoughts, as you do in the songs you sing. I've had students express that after they found the courage to sing in front of an audience (even karaoke), public speaking was in comparison, a breeze.

Q: Will this program help me to sing in a classical, or "opera" style?

A: No. That's a whole other ball game. I periodically get new students who have been classically trained, and now they want to sing popular music and they can't. It's a challenge for them to alter their old habits, just to get to the point where they would have been as a beginner with no training. I am acquainted with a number of classical style voice instructors who never attend my karaoke parties because they cannot sing popular music. I've seen some try, and it's a disaster.

Q: How will learning singing techniques improve my speaking voice?

A: Speaking well is just like singing well - except it's usually less melodic. We use the same muscular development and coordination, the same focus on annunciation, the same breathing, the same resonating of the sound for tonality and volume, the same projection, and the same use of dynamics and emotional expression.

Q: Can I purchase just one part of the program separately, such as just the voice exercise CD's?

A: I would never dream of selling the voice exercise CD's without the clear and proper instruction to go with them. Accidental misuse of the voice can cause hoarseness, and at the very least bad habits that don't sound good. I would not dream of selling the video without the manual because the manual is your guide for quick and easy reference after viewing the video and it contains a lot of very useful extras that I wouldn't dream of excluding. The manual without the video and exercises would have no audio/video demonstrations and nothing with which to practice after you've read it.

The Song Savvy Vocal Instruction Program is a complete, all-in-one package, and we feel very strongly that it's components are inseparable.

Q: How does your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

A: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please contact us to inquire as to how to return your Song Savvy Vocal Course. All packaging must be intact and all components must be returned in the original packaging.

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