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COVID-19  Last Update:  August 3rd, 2020
Greetings A Sharp Students and Families,

Please do not hesitate to telephone us if you have any questions 416-614-7529

We have been monitoring the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking it very seriously. 
Commencing Monday March 23, we are shifting to online lessons only.

Here are some of the measures we’re putting into place to help limit the virus:

We are taking a cautious approach.

All A Sharp instructors and directors have been notified that if they have any symptoms of a cold or flu to stay home. No one is presently ill, but we do have subs standing by. Some lessons may be rescheduled. All staff have also been instructed to wash and sanitize their hands often.

We are closed to the public, please do not try to come in.

We are taking all measures to keep the space clean.

We are and will continue to be continually wiping down commonly touched surfaces with disinfectant designed to kill the coronavirus.  We are taking extra care to clean the door handles and water cooler buttons regularly. All Instructors are welcome to use one of our tissues instead of touching door handles etc... directly.

Please do not hesitate to telephone us if you have any questions, the directors Sumaiya, Angelieta, and Adele are in six days a week to serve you - 416-614-7529 

Best of wishes,


Commencing Monday March 23, we are shifting to online music lessons only.
***Now offering Free Contactless Pick-Up!  If you need it, we probably have it.  Hours may vary.  Please call:  416-614-7529
If all goes well, we may be returning to in person lessons with restrictions in the middle of August.  All registered students will be receiving a phone call in late July/Early August to touch base.
 ~ Check back here for updates, or call us any time 416-614-7529. ~